When you entrust your spot to us, our team will do the following:-

  • Find you the best tenant
  • Do “match making” of tenants
  • Do reference checks on the tenants
  • Deal with all legal documentation
  • Collect 2 month’s rental as deposit
  • Prepare inventory list
  • Do spot checks quarterly during the year
  • Advise you of all repairs and maintenance required to your spot
  • Manage all repairs and renovations if required at an agreed fee
  • Collect rent
  • Our dedicated and preferred contractors are a hit in Skyways.

Please let us know if you need assistance with repairs, repainting or renovations.



The approximate* rental for spots in 2015 is as follows:-
1 bedroom (maximum of 2 tenants) = from R 5 060.00
2 bedroom (1 person per room) = from R 6 930.00
3 bedroom (1 person per room) =  starting from R 9 075.00
Garage = R 750.00
Parking Bay = R 550.00
*The above rental amounts are subject to location, size, furnishings and condition.


Do you have a child / children to put through University / College?
Does it irk you to pay off somebody else’s mortgage bond?

Are you looking for a good investment?

Maybe you should consider buying and not renting.
Do not think that you cannot afford to buy one of the spots. Take a good look at the rental income.
This makes your monthly bond installment manageable and ensures an investment.
Our qualified team will provide you with valuable advice as to how your tenants will repay your asset after 5 years.

Contact us for further information on how we can assist you.

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